Career Opportunities
Keystone Program

There’s plenty of online and classroom training, so in some ways it’s like being back in school. But there’s also a lot of hands-on work that gets you deeply involved in DCMA’s activities. You’ll spend up to three years working and completing courses to acquire the knowledge and skills you’ll need to perform at the journeyman level of your career field.

Apply NowYou’ll have a personal mentor who will help direct your progress. Depending on your field, you may work in an office or spend time at a contractor site–these could be located almost anywhere in the United States. There are even some limited opportunities to work overseas during your final year in the program.

The keystone program develop a cadre of highly qualified employees capable of performing at a journeyman level with a high degree of technical competence and a broad understanding of the total DCMA organization and mission, resulting in a pool of candidates possessing the skills and technical ability required to support the DCMA mission.

We apologize for the inconvenience, Job Announcement for our current vacancies will be posted through . Please check back periodically to find out where our current vacancies are.


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What Some Keystone Participants Say
About the Program
"I like the fact that the work is never dull. You are always learning something new, and every new project has new challenges.”

“I like the flexibility of the job. In my job I get to telework from
home a couple of days a week.”

“We are the go-between to work out problems between the
contractor and the Government client. In the end, though, we
work to make sure the Government’s interests are served. We work for the Government.”

“You have to look out for Number 1. You can get the information and help you need from your supervisor and peers, but you don’t get it unless you ask for it.”

“I would say the Keystone Program met my expectations.
It even exceeded them.”