Industrial Specialist

Industrial Operations is all about processes–about how things get done.  At DCMA, we’re into process and system optimization.  In other words, we try to make them more efficient, so that things work better, are produced faster, and cost less.

In the commercial world, your skills might help you with anything from supply chain management to faster takeout.  At DCMA, the stakes are a little higher; the Agency is responsible for procuring a wide range of items for the Department of Defense and other federal agencies–satellites, missiles, communication systems, helicopters, fighter jets and more.

Procuring these products involve a complex set of tasks.  From the development of the first prototype, to the moment when a finished product rolls off the production line, our job is to ensure that the process works as efficiently as possible.

One way we tackle this through regular interaction with the production and management team at a contractor’s site.  We review production processes and look for ways to make things better–and if we find areas that need improvement, we make appropriate recommendations.

At DCMA, you’ll work with technologies rarely seen in the private sector.  You won’t be designing a slimmer hairdryer; you’ll be helping to ensure a stronger national defense.

Many of our team members have a background or education in Industrial Management, but we also hire individuals from other specialties.  The Department of Defense utilizes a virtually limitless variety of state-of –the-art technology, so we need to maintain an elite team with all kinds of specialized expertise.

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