Applicants with Disabilities

The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is actively recruiting and hiring persons with disabilities.  We offer a variety of exciting jobs, competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

Hiring people with disabilities into Federal jobs is fast and easy.  People with disabilities can be appointed to our jobs non-competitively using a special hiring authority called ‘Schedule A’.  Learn more about Federal disability employment here.  

To apply to the DCMA non-competitively:  

Step 1: Download the DCMA Non-Competitive Questionnaire.

Step 2: Complete DCMA Non-Competitive Questionnaire, then save the completed questionnaire to your computer.

Step 3: Submit your DCMA Non-Competitive Questionnaire, resume, Schedule A letter and any other supporting documents (as described on the OPM Website and our form) via e-mail to:  [email protected].

Step 4: A DCMA Recruiter will contact you to review your package and will submit it for processing.

Step 5: Registered Schedule A applicants will be considered for upcoming job openings for a period of 6 months (applications may update resume and re-register).  For any position that is already open, Schedule A applicants MUST apply thru USAJobs.

Please note that persons with disAbilities are also highly encouraged to apply for jobs through the traditional, or competitive process through USAJobs.

Reference Documents:

Sample Schedule A Letter
ABC's Applicants with Disabilities